Mis-Guided Tour

Mis-Guided Tour | Lord & Slater’s Number One Mis-Guided Tour.

A new performance mis-guided tour; where the duo Lord and Slater lead the audience on a tour around a city centre, except the information provided is fictitious – it’s subjectively redefined. We shall employ the concepts of Site, Sight, Cite there is a liminality between real and invented knowledge on the locations around our tour.

Using the real location and site as our starting point artists Matthew Harrison-Lord and Josh Slater will coordinate a tour right in the heart of a city, which is easy to find and be involved in when we provide an alternative view of a place. Using faux histories of locations and citing historians and anecdotes of those that previously used the buildings and streets.

Mis-Guided Tour will (re)make the locational identity of the centre through a walking performance, providing engagement for the people who reside in the city and visitors. As characterful tour guides, we will reminisce, be playful, and inventive in our approach to the tour. Our tour uses the aesthetics of a standard mainstream guided tour and uses a multiplicity of stories and meanings to enlighten the audience through a humorous and incorrect journey. It will be accessible to a wide community to provide access to a contemporary piece of culture.

Brighouse Arts Festival 2017 commissioned Lord & Slater to create a Brighouse Mis-Guided Tour. Lord & Slater also created the Plymouth Mis-Guided Tour for Plymouth Fringe Festival 2018.