Travel Agents

Two travel agents dressed in 1980’s holiday attire will get lost in fluttering and flapping maps, provide safety instructions for first time flyers, and provide utopian escapism to new far-off destinations such as maj-orca.

Suitable for outdoor urban and rural festivals, the audience will experience excessive enthusiasm for the summer holidays inviting everyone to interactively play and experience the all-dancing, all-speaking, all-inclusive travel agents.

The two holiday salespeople are cheeky, charming and immaculate whilst spreading the joy of a summers day at the beach. Through choreographed movements with computer keyboards, to a twist on the flight safety announcement.

“We charge exorbitant rates for cockroaches on plates.
We charge exorbitant rates for flight times on incorrect dates.
But look here, here’s a deal.
A holiday for two in Ben-i-dorm, it’s a steal”.

“Fancy a trip to Bognor Regis? Well this pink and prancing comedy duo are the ones to take you! Their flamboyant flag-waving and playful choreography was fun, simple and required a wide berth. For a partially safe and entirely fun flight, fly with Lord and Slater!”

“… already garnering a large crowd was satirical duo Lord & Slater. Packed full of audience participation and unmistakable wit, the pair delivered their performance of Travel Agents with a level of energy and enthusiasm that carried the audience along”

Performed at TakeOver Festival 2017 at York Theatre Royal & Brighouse Arts Festival 2017.

A rough outline of the performance is below: strolling and static street theatre work with two travel agents / holiday reps / flight attendants.


  • Ideal holiday with globe spinning
  • Getting lost with place names in large maps
  • Handing out of ‘utopian’ holiday brochures
  • Semaphore movements directing the flow of the public


  • Introductions to the travel agents
  • Spoken text regarding ‘exorbitant rates’
  • Q&A with audience and their ideal holidays
  • Semaphore flag dance
  • Booking the groups ideal collective holiday / commission competition
  • Flight safety with oxygen mask and landing positions
  • Call and Response – Exits are here, here and here.
  • Thank you to audience

Length: The static sequence lasts  10 minutes with strolling for 30 minutes.
Number of Performers: 2-4
Cast: Josh Slater, Matthew Harrison-Lord, Debra Deakin and Jamie-Glyn Bale.
Main Contact: Matthew Harrison-Lord –

Created by Josh Slater & Matthew Harrison-Lord with dramaturgy from Richard Wiseman.

We received a Research & Development grant from a private trust to create the performance which is now available for touring.

Photography by Sam Minshall, TakeOver Festival, Brighouse Arts Festival