Thatcher May Trump Farage

A debate between a dead PM, the current PM, the current President of the USA, and that man who stirs.

For this new theatre performance Lord & Slater have invited guest artists to join in a unique work. Thatcher May Trump Farage is a staged debate of 4 world figures explaining Brexit, Presidencies, Campaigns and Policies. Expect a fight, stupidity and a choreographed dance to Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl. Political, current and funny. We have questionable leaders – farts the lot of them. This performance was previewed at the Threshold Festival, Liverpool, 2017.

“Thatcher May Trump Farage presented a satirical insight into who our current leaders are, oh and I forgot to mention, seeing Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May dance to Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani was the icing on the cake to prove that right now, in the week May signed for the start of Brexit, life is b.a.n.a.n.a.s”
Review: Art In Liverpool 

The working process for TMTF was to work as a collective with defined roles: Co-Directed by Matthew and Josh with Ellie Russell in charge of movement, text by Richard Wiseman and political research by Debra Deakin.

A rough outline of the performance is below: a staged debate, roughly set in stone with a score to allow open improvisation.

  • Introductions to May and Trump (our two leads) from the debate host in the style of their Tinder profile.
  • A game of word association to loosen the two leaders up, not related to politics, just to relax them into the role.
  • Then a debate on Brexit, with the introduction of Farage as ‘Mr Brexit but not much else’.
  • Followed by the next debate topic of ‘Walls’ – with the introduction of ‘stooge’ character Thatcher who is placed within the audience who reminds them she is the queen of walls and breaking the iron curtain.
  • Once the chaos of dead-possessed Thatcher has quietened down, we then take questions from Twitter and the audience with a quick-fire response Q&A – this is where we see surprise guest Vald Putin / Putie Baby join in the debate and love affair with Trump.
  • After 9 questions (and a reference to Germany) our host then changes the proceedings into a game of Top Trumps.
  • As the game / battle of Top Trumps comes to a close we have our original duo of May and Trump as the final two.
  • To close the performance, we have Thatcher May Trump and Farage dancing a choreographed dance to Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl.

The performance lasts between 30-40 minutes.
Number of Performers: 5.
Cast: Debra Deakin, Richard Wiseman, Ellie Russell, Josh Slater and Matthew Harrison-Lord

Main Contact: Matthew Harrison-Lord – – 07412868259

Photography by Paige Lyon, Paige Edge Photography and